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Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. This is not only popular to local people but also a hot spot for foreigners. Every year, thousands of people come to Hanoi to visit beautiful places and discover street food. What should you care if you have a plan for this destination? The weather. In this article, you can have enough information about Hanoi Climate and the best time to visit.

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Hanoi Climate is different from Ho Chi Minh’s Weather

Hanoi has a tropical climate with high solar radiation during all year. It experiences 4 seasons per year: Spring, summer, Fall, and winter. Each season has its own special weather with different solar radiation, humidity, and temperature. Let’s check out each of them.


Spring in Hanoi is cool and full of festivals

This season lasts 3 months from March to May. This is the coolest season of the year. The temperature is just around 20 C Degree and drizzles often happen. Although rainy days maybe not a good thing but these months have quite good weather. Many people choose to come to Hanoi these days. One advantage thing is that spring is the time of festivals, from Tet holiday to many festivals around the city.


A part of Hanoi at Hoan Kiem lake

Hanoi Climate is hottest in summer. Summer in Hanoi starts from June to August. Of course, this is the hottest time of the year. The temperature is really high, above 30 C Degree, sometimes up to 40 C Degree. One thing you should care about is that unexpected rains can happen without a weather forecast.  However, this time is great to visit Hanoi and enjoy “ sidewalk iced tea”.


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Hanoi Autumn is a great work of Mother Nature.

Fall is the best time to visit Hanoi. It lasts from September to November. The temperature is around 25 C Degree, cool winds, dry weather, and average humidity. Fall in Hanoi is famous for its streets such as Phan Dinh Phung, Hoan Kiem lake, Thanh Nien, and Nguyen Du.


Hanoi Autumn is a great work of Mother Nature.

This is the coldest season in Hanoi. From December to February, the temperature is much lower than usual. It is around 15 to 17 C Degree. In many days, it even downs to 10 C Degree. The coldness in Hanoi is not like in other countries. You will experience the cold under your skin and even in your bone. Believe me!


Hanoi Climate by Months

Each month in Hanoi has differences in temperature and humidity. Look at this table below to check out!

Hn Climate
Hanoi Climate by Month, Hanoi Climate Data.

January – The Coldest Month

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Winter Sonata

The temperature in January is from 13 to 19 Celsius. It may be cold in bone and the temperature is down to 10 C Degree. The humidity is up to 68%. This is the coldest month of a year.


February is still cold but warmer than January. The temperature is around 14 to 21 Celsius, too. The humidity is up to 7-% and this is the festival month of all year. You can enjoy hot tea along the sidewalk.


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The temperature in March is a bit higher, from 17 to 23 Celsius. It is really great to visit the city at this time. It is cooler and you do not need to wear many clothes. The humidity is quite high, 75%, but it still attracts people around the world.


April is the first month of summer. It is hot but not too hot. The temperature is from 22 to 27 Celsius, quite good. The humidity is the same as March. You should prepare an umbrella in case unexpected rains can happen.


The temperature changes much in this month. It is higher and higher, from 25 to 31 Celsius. Rainy days are quite often these days. There are many wet days in this month. Sometimes, it is also cold because of depressions.

June – The Hottest Month of Hanoi City

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Summer Scent

This month is really hot days in summer. The temperature is more than 30 C Degree, even at night, it is still very hot. If you do not have a fan or air-conditioner,  you can’t sleep. Precipitation is up to 229mm and the humidity is 72%.


The weather in July is not much different from June’s weather. It is hot with high temperature and humidity. There are around 15 days which are wet days. Of course, you need to prepare umbrellas wherever you go out.

August – The Wettest Month in Hanoi

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August-The wettest month in Hanoi

Hanoi Climate in August is the wettest month in Hanoi. In fact, you can’t discover many places if you come at this time. The wet days is up to 18 with high temperature and humidity, 75%.


The weather is cooler this month. It can be named the first step to welcome Fall. The temperature is still high, above 30 Celsius but wet days reduce and humidity gets down.


Hnclimate New00006
October of Hanoi

October is the cool month in Fall of Hanoi. You can enjoy this with light wind and favorite weather. The temperature is around 27 C Degree and humidity is 69%. Walking along the streets in Hanoi is what local people often do in Autumn.


This month, the temperature gets down to 24 Celsius. The wet days is around 5 to 6 days only. If you want to join any festivals this month, it is quite difficult. However, the price is great, it is cheap and you can save your budget in such Hanoi Climate.


The last month of the year becomes one of the coldest times to travel. Sunlight is rare and the temperature is down to 15 Celsius. The humidity is 67% and the weather is dry. But you can visit Hanoi during these days to enjoy hotpot, popular culture of Hanoians.

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The beautiful of Hanoi

In conclusion, it can be said that Hanoi Climate is hot and humid in summer, cool in spring,  warm and clear in autumn, cold and dry in winter. the best time to visit is during Fall, from September to November. Read again and again this article to see if your plan is good enough or not. More carefully you prepare, more fun and happiness your trip will be…






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