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  • We book a train from and to Sa Pa from Hanoi with Kevin. We also took his day tour to Ha Long Bay. From the moment we landed in Hanoi to the moment we left. Kevin is very helpful. It's best to have locals tell you how to travel from place to place. How transportations cost. How not to get scam....
  • When we decided to travel to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodja we decided we did not want an organised trip. So we began looking at obtaining Visa and first days accomodation. During this time we came into contact with ...
  • Greetings from my beautiful country of Belize. Kind of a celebrity in my own town. So now let’s talk about that country in Southeast Asia that stole Finn Kardashian’s heart (note from SPS:  he now speaks in the third person!).  Am still in love with VIETNAM!  How about we start with our over night adventure in Ha Long Bay.  If it is not apparent, I am so so infatuated with this country.
  • Definitely one of the hardest good bye's I've had to do on this trip! Thank you Kevin Hoang and Tony Hoang for making our trip in Hanoi a memorable ONE.. I will definitely miss you guys your hospitality was beyond amazing!
  • Shout out to my boys at Asia Star Travel and Kevin's Travel in Hanoi who showed us the best time possible. From smoking tobacco to floating along Ha Long Bay, it was all a blast. I look forward to seeing you again!
  • Hanoi you've been amazing. A huge thank you to Kevin and Tony for the amazing hospitality and taking us all in like family. It wouldn't have been the same without you. Next stop, Ho Chi Minh
  • Dear Vietnam, I can't ignore this emotion you have left in my heart, the feeling is surreal and what you gave me has been the best out of my whole travels! I LOVE YOU. Don't know how to describe my feelings as i write this but just be sure that FINN K is coming back in a heart beat. KEVIN, TONY and SCOTT you all have been the highlight of our trip. Your Love, humbleness, charm and hospitality is ONE OF THE WORLDS GREATEST, My Family thanks you for welcoming me to your your home and making me part of your family. Scott Hay Tony Hoang Kevin Hoang thank you always...VIETNAM I LOVE YOU!

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k You will come back to visit this place many times after my team helps you fall in love with this great country. My team will customize your trip upon your special requests and turn your vision into a journey. We offer personalized tours, tailored to suit your own itineraries, times, etc. They can be for just one person, a couple, a small family, or a group of friends.

  • There are no strangers here, Only friends you haven't met yet -William
  • Life Is Short, Smile While You Still Have Teeth
  • You may only be one person to the world but you may be the world to one person. .
  • Friendship is a single soul living in two bodies - Aristo .
  • Truth is more Valuable than gold.
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