Things to know about Hanoi

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Things to know about Hanoi

Having been dubbed by some as the Paris of the Orient, Hanoi – a charming city in Vietnam, is now among the most favorite destinations for all travelers to Vietnam. In order to enjoy the best of Hanoi, following are some tips you should know when planning a Hanoi trip.

Hanoi Vietnam Travel
Hanoi – Vietnam

1. Climate

Located in the north of Vietnam, Hanoi experience the typical climate of the northern Vietnam with four seasons a year. Summers, lasting from May to September, are hot and humid, with plenty of rainfall, while winters, lasting from November to March, are cold and relatively dry; spring (April) can bring light rains. Autumn (October) is the best time of year in term of weather. The hottest month of the year is June. January is the coolest month, usually beset with a cold north-easterly wind. But the weather seems to impose no restriction for a visit to this city since each season has its own charm.

2. Traffic

Traffic in Hanoi - Hanoi trips
                                    Traffic in Hanoi

With a very large number of participants in travelling every day, traffic in Hanoi which is said to be extremely chaotic is amazing but also somehow scary, especially for first-time travelers to Hanoi.  There are various means of transport in Hanoi from public to private, but the most popular one is motorbikes, followed closely by bicycles. Despite having traffic lights and lane markings, it is common for bikes and motorbikes to drive the wrong way down streets, against traffic. So, when crossing the road, never presume that vehicles will stop or make any allowances for you. If so, you may miss your flight home.

Here are some tips to cross the roads in Hanoi:
Be relaxed and self-confident.
Look two ways or make eye contact with drivers.
Walk slowly with purpose.
Never step back.


3. Money

Vietnam dong is the local currency used in Vietnam, and of course, Hanoi as well. 1 USD is equal to approximately 22,000 dong. Although the local economy runs on the dong, the dollar is also widely accepted by hotels, restaurants and the vast majority of shops (except for public transportation) with their prices quoted in both the dong and USD as well.

However, credit cards, a very popular method of payment used worldwide, are not yet widely used in Hanoi. There are also some major hotels, restaurants or stores accept them, but you’d better use cash if you are in Hanoi for your convenience.


4. Safety

Except for some risks imposed by the traffic, Hanoi is a very safe city. Of course, street theft of pick-pocket variety is impossible to be competely eliminated, but it remains at low-level and its threats to physical safety are rare. Wallets and purses are common targets easily picked in the crowded places, so keep them in the heard-to-reach places or keep an eye on your money, and especially do not you’re your wealthy at the public places.

5. Food

Hanoi street food - Hanoi food tours
                             Street food of Hanoi

Being some of the best in Vietnam, Hanoi’s local cuisine capture the heart of every one each time they enjoy the food. When asking travelers to Hanoi about where to best enjoy the food of Hanoi, maybe most of them would say it is on the street. Eating on the street is one of the most intimate ways to experience the culinary assault of Vietnam, particularly in the Hanoi capital. You may be advised to enjoy a tour of Hanoi street food to enjoy the best of Hanoi cuisine.

6. Accommodation in Hanoi

Being an economic as well as tourism center of the North in particular and of Vietnam in general, Hanoi is the destination for both business and leisure travelers. As such, there is a wide range of accommodation in Hanoi, from budget to luxury ones, meeting all demands on accommodation.  So, don’t worry not to find a suitable accommodation to stay in Hanoi.


7. Shopping

Hanoi is an ideal choice for last destination before flying home, if you want to easily buy small but meaningful gifts for your beloved. Speaking about shopping in Hanoi, one must mention first the Hanoi’s Old Quarter which is lined with various fashion stores, souvenir stalls, snack and trinket sellers. For more luxury items, you can visit a wide range of malls around Hanoi from Vincom, Parkson, Gland Plaza or Keangnam Tower.


8. Sightseeing in Hanoi

With a wide range of different things to see, visitors to Hanoi will be able to spend several days taking in the sights of this place. From places of history including Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, History Museum to places of culture with Hanoi’s Old Quarter, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, Temple of Literature or Tran Quoc Pagoda, etc., all are worth a visit.

Hanoi Old Quarter - Hanoi trips Tran Quoc Pagoda - Hanoi travel

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